Our company named Xtremeball is a fantastic sport for young and old! It’s a game, it’s a sport, and it’s EXTREME FUN! It can be an Xtreme game of Soccer, or an Xtreme Cardio Workout. Whatever you choose, you will be Amazed at how much fun you will have. Go to the site and get 15 free spins no deposit at our casino. Limited supply!

This is how it works; each person jumps into their own XtremeBall, wearing it like a backpack. Holding onto two handles in front of you with a good grip, then let the fun begin!
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Our XtremeBalls are absolutely safe. They are similar to bumper cars without the whiplash. Your whole body is enclosed in the bubble accept for your legs for good mobilization around the playing field.


When playing Xtreme Soccer, you can play with teams of 2, or 3, or up to 5 on each team. With no goalies each net at the end of each side of the field. You will have so much fun, and so will all your friends and family watching you roll all over the field! This game is for people who are physically active, and healthy. Ages 4 to 60!


The Xtremeballs come in different sizes for kids, and adults. And there are other games besides soccer that you can play too, like King of the Circle, last man standing, or Sumo Smash. You can even play a game of Chess, or just bump around with your friends, or make up your own game. Either way, you will have an unforgettable Xtreme Xperience!



Our mission for our company is to bring into our surrounding communities a fun place for youth, and adults to experience a different source of fun. To keep our future generations focused on Xtreme Fun with friends and family instead of the negative things that keep them separated.  We feel that XtremeBall will bring families and friends together in a positive atmosphere for all ages.


Our company is so excited to get started in changing the lives in all the surrounding communities. We want to set up days where anyone can come and play, or even just to watch and have a good time. As our company takes off, we are looking forward to setting up youth leagues and adult leagues too! This way everyone will have something fun, and exciting to look forward to. Something they can talk about with friends and family for years to come.  


There is also another way to look at XtremeBall, as we enter into the New Year. Getting healthy! For many, getting into shape is the #1 Resolution for 2016. XtremeBall is just like going to the gym, only it’s a lot of fun. Why not get a really good cardio, full core workout, and have fun all at the same time?


Warning: If not in good shape, you will surely feel it in the morning! LOL


Starting leagues that are affordable for you to continue your workout, and have fun. Instead of sitting at home drinking pop, and playing video games, give Xtremeball a try! It will give you your social life back. The best part is, inside the ball you really can’t use your cell phone to check your Facebook, ignoring everyone around you! Besides, most of your friends will already be there to enjoy watching or playing along with you. At the end of the day go ahead and post pictures and videos on social media of the amazing time you had with Xtremeball.